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So officially I’ve been off work since last Thursday and all I can say is......WOW! So much time for activities! My son finally remembered my name, I finally get to help with some domestic work i.e. housework And I get time to sleep enough to actually feel rested! It’s crazy to think that a pandemic is the only way to really get some time off. I feel really bad that a lot of Americans have lost their jobs or are about to lose their jobs because of this. The storm from this is just starting and we as a people have already suffered so much. The people in charge seem like they only have their wallets in mind while the rest of us have our basic necessities to think about. Enough about that for now. Thanks to the hard work of Mitch, Dan, and Saul( our very good friend helping us with our SEO work) we have just launched this new website your on right now! I can’t wait for this to grow! Last week a Facebook page called Rocky Mountain Virtual Music Festival started their first week of showcasing bands and artists throughout last Friday!

This Friday is Phase 2 of the virtual festival and yours truly is a featured artist! I’m proud to be a part of this and Im glad that chose me and the other artists to be featured! So if your on Facebook click the link and join the festival! We can all make a difference now that we actually have time!

Now during the downtime I have been pushing myself and art as far as I can go while also trying to be the best husband and father I can be. I’m also getting prepared for next weeks podcast all about our top 5 slasher movies! I grew up bathed in the blue filter light of Jason Voorhees and those movies have always been my favorite! Have a Dropped Culture evening!

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