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Every Week we talk about a ton of stuff so we always talk about putting the links up somwhere.  Now we have a place! Check back after the newest Quickcast is over and get link happy! Click the links to go to there! 

What the hell is going on with us right now? Sometime we don't even know! But we will keep you updated about something! We don't know what it will be, maybe an event, maybe some of our podcast friends are doing something, who the hell knows! Check back everyday!

The Batman

The Batman.jpg

He's coming!

On DVD and Bluray

August something.........the days are mixing together like molasses and butter on fresh pancakes. Mitch is off fighting the corporate machine like "The Crimson Permanent Assurance" Brock is playing pickup basketball games in Wisconsin somewhere and Dan is looking for the spirit of Harambe near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Covid took our movies, took our toilet paper, took our Dod damned comic books! Please send us some diner dash....we need help......

Halloween 2018


Cursed Films


Who doesn't love Tom Savini? His work has been highly influential to me and this documentary is great! Check it out on Shudder now!

Lethal Weapon 2


It's just been revoked!

Danzig Sings Elvis


This is epic! Cannot wait! too bad he can't tour right now!

Kim Deal

Kim Deal.jpg

Kim Deal is one of the greatest songwriters ever and she has released a bunch of solo records! Get them while you can because all of them are great! She has been a member of the Pixies and her many solo projects, and let us not forget the perfect work of every single Breeders album! Her solo stuff is fantastic and worth an addition to your collection!