Friends of the Show

In the last year of podcasting we have made a bunch of friends on the show and continue to support each and everyone of these people and all of their endeavors. If it's a podcast, an artist, an organization, musicians it doesn't matter to us because we encourage everyone to connect and share ideas. We want everyone to connect and communicate so that we can help grow a community of creatives and non-creatives to have fun and help make everything great without the division most people nurture out there! 



Not For Everyone Podcast 

Trigger Warning - Explicit Complaining - 'Not For Everyone' is a podcast featuring two cynical man-children that primarily explore the deep cuts of schlock horror/sci-fi/fantasy films made in the 70s, 80s, and 90s as well as their flawed friendship. These fellas also spend the first 30 - 40 minutes of each episode just BSing about random adjacent topics such as comics, heavy metal, bigfoot, death row meals and half-assed paranormal investigation adventures. Host Heroes: John Carpenter, Fred Dekker. Stan Winston, Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton, Glenn Danzig and Dracula.

Fountain of Fear

Decades of movie watching and haunted house experience bring you a conversation of insight into horror, thriller, suspense movies; while also having a conversation about utilizing aspects of those in a haunted house.